Nowadays, Pre-leased properties are a favorite of investors, investment groups, and institutional investors. If you want a guaranteed rental yield for a fixed tenure of time then your priority should be to invest in pre leased. Newedge Realty offers you preleased property starting from 1 crore to 100 crores. Our team has sources of rented properties with clients like MNCs, institutions, franchises, corporate organizations, retail giants, banks, and also large Indian companies. As these investments are income-generating from day one, the owner enjoys debt-like returns during the asset-holding period.

A Pre Rented shop or office which one has been leased to a tenant before being sold. After a sale, the lease is passed to the new owner, who then has the legal right to receive the lease rentals in the future.

Pre leased commercial property for sale in Ahmedabad

Prelease properties will give you an assured monthly income, and annually there will be an increase in the interest rates. We have many options of verified rental income property for sale in ahmedabad. Contact our agent and get one of these properties and begin earning a consistent monthly income. We have 100+ pre leased property for sale in ahmedabad and our real estate agents will help you to find them.

Business People, sovereign wealth funds, and Equity funds have been actively involved in buying and selling pre-leased properties to earn sureshot capital of ever increasing real estate capital values.

Buy rented property

Invest in pre leased commercial properties are low to medium risk investments with debt-like returns during the investment holding period with an equity upside on exit from these property investments.

Ahmedabad is the city in India where a booming commercial real estate sector. Ahmedabad has a wide range of commercial real estate opportunities, including retail stores, office space, and warehouses. Investors and businesses wishing to important role in India's booming economy would be wise to invest in commercial property in Ahmedabad.

What is the meaning of pre leased property?

Preleased property is already rented out and the owner gets fixed monthly rental income from the tenant. Properties included in this like commercial Office Space given on lease to MNCs, Rented Retail Shops to Retail Brands, ATMs, and Banks. 

Is pre leased property good or bad?

Why you should buy Pre-leased Properties. You don't need to wait to get Return on Investment. Ranted properties provide fixed rental income and you will get capital appreciation over a period of time. This is why pre-leased properties are considered the safest investment for investors.

How to find best Pre-leased Properties?

We have a lot of Pre-leased Properties in Ahmedabad and we will help you to find the best with good ROI. Location, Quality of Building, the Brand value of the tenant, and term of the lease are important factors for the best Pre lease property. A good lease duration is 9 to 25 Years with an Return of investment (ROI) with rentals from 4% to 7.5%.

Types of pre-leased properties

Commercial Office Spaces, Retail Shops, industrial warehouses, Hospitality Spaces like hotels and resorts, and Healthcare like hospitals, diagnostic centers, and clinics. Buyers are most interested on pre-leased atm for sale and pre leased bank property for sale in Ahmedabad.

If Want to sell or buy a pre-leased property and low to high any kind of budget we have a bunch of options for you. More than 100 options of rented properties on pre-leased section of the website.

Small Preleased Commercial Property for Sale in Ahmedabad

We also have a few options of commercial property for sale in Ahmedabad within 50 lakhs.

Bank rented property for sale in Ahmedabad

Always Bank leased property is high on the radar for investors. We already sold Bank leased corporate house and bank rented commercial office on the ground floor.

Rented Properties for Sell Ahmedabad

If you want to sell preleased property in Ahmedabad then contact us we have a wide range of investors, and our agent will help you to sell.